Who we are

David Tootill, Secretary

David grew up in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia; then returned to England and Scotland to continue his education up to M.A., with later on a PGCE from South Bank University. He cycled to India in 1976 where he worked as a volunteer for six months, and hitch-hiked to Afghanistan (1978) and Sudan (1979) when he was a student. He founded Southbank Mosaics in 2004, in order to pursue his interest in making public spaces more attractive. David helped set up London School of Mosaic in the unused old garages of Ludham in 2017. He has now retired from his post there and continues to work as Secretary for Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society. He has five children and makes mosaics in his spare time, as well as working for a youth club and supporting other not for profits with fund raising.

Nathan Taylor-Kitching, Resident Engagement Officer

Nathan grew up on the Waxham & Ludham estate and has been active in many local projects. He studied BA War & Society at Swansea University before returning to London to study MA Journalism. Nathan is involved in the Community Benefit Society as a Resident Engagement Officer with particular focus on the website, communications and newsletter.

Keiko Yoshida, Treasurer

Michael Braithwaite, Chairman

Born in Trinidad, Michael came to the UK in 1961 and made England his home. He has always been involved with the community over the years; working at Carlton School and then Gospel Oak School as a special needs assistant. He got involved with the Gospel Oak Community Benefit Society because he believes it will bring the community together.